BNCables Ethernet & Phone Professional Crimp Tool


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  • WEIGHT:40.00lb
  • DIMENSIONS:14.00in x 14.00in x 12.00in


1.Pass through design(Hassle Free)
2. Triple prong gold plated contacts
3. Supports PoE, PoE+, and PoE++
4. Terminate with our All-In-One Crimp and Termination Tool
5. Suitable for unshielded U/UTP Ethernet cable


1000 in stock

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The crimp Tool and rj45 connectors make terminating your network cables a breeze. Without a doubt feed your separated twine pairs via the connector and the guides will keep the entirety in position. Then with a simple squeeze the trick will crimp to your cat.5 or cat.6 connector and trim off all extra cord..

  • Affords a ratcheted, high leverage, ultra-stable platform for constant, repeatable terminations.
  • Works with connectors to without difficulty type and guarantee right wiring configurations.
  • Decrease distance among twine twists and contacts.
  • Integrated cutter and stripper for flat and spherical cable.
  • Crimp and trim in a single cycle!
  • Works with solid or stranded wire, cat5/5e/6 connectors.


RJ45/RJ11 Crimping Tool Functions:

  • Cut the wire by the blade near the handles.
  • Shell the wire by the middle blade.
  • Press the connector by the crimper.


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